Tips for Forum-Using - Posting Topics

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Tips for Forum-Using - Posting Topics

Post by Anji on Sat Aug 01, 2009 8:25 am

To make a new post, you first need to choose which subforum it goes into. The subforums are listed on the home page:

Click on the name of the subforum you want to post in. You will be taken inside the subforum, and will see a list of topics already posted to that subforum (note: some subforums still have no topics, so don't be alarmed if the list is empty!).

Then click "New topic":

This will take you to the 'post a new topic' page, just write your topic in the big text box (don't forget to put a topic subject in too, in the small text box above the big one) and click 'send' to post your topic to the board.


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