Tips For Forum-Using - An Introduction to Avatars and Signatures

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Tips For Forum-Using - An Introduction to Avatars and Signatures Empty Tips For Forum-Using - An Introduction to Avatars and Signatures

Post by Anji on Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:42 pm

Please note that avatars or signature images deemed 'Not Safe For Work' or offensive can and will be deleted at the discretion of the forum administrator (that's me) and moderator (that's Annika). No, we do not consider breastfeeding images to be 'Not Safe For Work' or offensive, that would be ridiculous. Wink


An avatar is a small picture which sits above your username - see my username to the right there, with the little picture of myself and my son? That's my avatar. It's used as a sort of identifier, something to show your personality or simply something so that other forum users can easily identify your posts as they scroll down a thread. You can upload your avatar here.

I have set the maximum avatar size to be 100x100 pixels. This means it can be no taller than 100 pixels and no wider than 100 pixels. You can use any decent image-editing software to make a picture that size - I recommend GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) as an excellent free program that does everything Photoshop does but without the hideous price tag.

While the forum is as small as it is, I am willing to help those who want avatars but aren't able to make them themselves. PM me and send me the picture you want made avatar-sized, and I will crop and shrink it and add it to your account.


Your signature is, well, exactly what it sounds like. It's a piece of text (or sometimes an image or images) which appears at the bottom of your posts. See at the bottom of this post, there is my name, a link to the blog I write for, and a ticker with my son's age on it. This is basically another identifier. You can update your signature here. Make sure your account has signature posting as default by clicking here, scrolling down to "Always attach my signature", clicking "yes" and saving your preferences.

I would suggest that you put your name in your signature, and if you like, your number of children and their ages, so that people can remember who is who and whose kids are what ages. You can put images in your signature but I respectfully request that you do not make them too large (i.e. so big that they go past the post width or take up a whole page in length) or include animated GIF images (this is mostly to reduce the number of annoying sparkly images we have to look at).

By all means include a 'ticker' (the technical term for the little countdown thing I have down there) for your pregnancy, anniversary, kids' ages or whatever. My favourite place for tickers is Lilypie which does long and short tickers (long being the length mine is, and short being half that length) but please do not have more than two long tickers or four small ones. This is to keep the forum easily readable.


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